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  • Who will be the site owner?
  • Identify collaborators – will other UC researchers, staff or students need to edit the site?
  • Consider your audience – who is the site for?
  • See Omeka S Planning Tips for more details.


  • Content – where will you source content and what are the copyright implications?
  • Design – consider how to make your site interesting for visitors by use of a variety of images, multiple spaces and Omeka S functionality. See the Omeka S Site Directory for examples.
  • File Sizes – maximum image file size is 10MB, minimum image dimension (width or height) is 1000 pixels. Preferred still image file types are JPEG or PNG.
  • Metadata – consider how you will describe your images in a way that will make it easy for your visitors to search for and find items.
  • Web accessibility – Omeka S is designed to help you meet W3C standards.


  • When do you need the site?
  • When does the site need to be available to the public?
  • How long will the site be needed for?

Creating your site

You will be provided with a bare site with its own URL.

To create an exhibition, the general workflow steps are:

  1. Select a theme. Several themes are available for you to choose from including a UC theme. Editable elements are theme-dependent
  2. Create a new Item Set
  3. Create Items and assign them to the Item Set
  4. Create a Page in your Site
  5. Add Blocks to the Page that include Items you created.

    Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have completed your exhibition. Then,
  6. Create a banner for the header image
  7. Publish the exhibition by changing all Media, Items, Item Sets, and the Site from “Private” to “Public”.

Refer to the Omeka S site for manuals and forums that can guide in you in the above work.